Connections of Image and Text in Digital and Handwritten Documents (abstract)
2011. december 04. vasárnap, 18:04

The presentation brings examples of the connections between image and text from three different aspects (the priority of images over words; images – in themselves – are not unambiguous; images and words are in interaction and have the same level of importance) in the area of digital communications. More specifically, this presentation deals particularly with the interaction between images and words, and empirically examines the way emoticons (which in their present form are primarily used in digital communications) appear in handwritten texts, such as classroom notes or private letters. The questions examined: 1. What are the most frequently used emoticons and why are they so popular? 2. Do emoticons have any general(izable) or even conventional meaning based on the examined corpus? 3. What types of texts permit and what types of texts prohibit the use of emoticons? Although printed advertisements are not handwritten texts, the presentation makes reference to the growing trend of using emoticons next to textual elements on advertisements. A possible continuation of the present research may target the connection of official communications and the use of emoticons.


2nd Visual Learning Conference, Budapest



Full text:

Veszelszki, Ágnes 2012: Connections of Image and Text in Digital and Handwritten Documents. In: Benedek, András − Nyíri, Kristóf (eds.): The Iconic Turn in Education. Visual Learning Vol. 2. Frankfurt am Main et al.: Peter Lang. 97−110.