How I found myself being online 24/7? Answer to my own question: ’How did the internet changed your way of thinking?’ (abstract)
2014. szeptember 15. hétfő, 12:52

'How did the internet changed your way of thinking?' As editor of the book A világhálóba keveredett ember ('Entwined by the Internet') published in summer 2013 the author addressed this question to 77 public intellectuals, economists, scientists, artists and others. In this essay the author—honouring a request—tries to answer her own question. In doing so, she touches on the differences of hand-written letters and emails, the contrast between meeting personally and keeping in touch electronically, as well as the phenomena of virtual personality, the collaborative authorship of the self, the conscious activities directed at self-representation, the obsession and intention to show oneself, and how ICT has changed productivity.