Images in Language
2012. június 23. szombat, 14:24

András Benedek, Kristóf Nyíri (eds.) 2011: Images in Language: Metaphors and Metamorphoses (Visual Learning). Peter Lang; 1. Auflage.


András Benedek: Preface 7


Biljana Radić-Bojanić: Imagery As a Metaphorical Vocabulary Learning Strategy  11

Franz Dotter – Marlene Hilzensauer: “SignOnOne”: Visual Language Learning for the Deaf Only or for All Others Also? 27

Jean-Rémi Lapaire: Visuo-Kinetic Explorations of Grammar 41

Kristóf Nyíri: Time As a Figure of Thought and As Reality 57

Zoltán Kövecses: Contextual Images As Visual Metaphors 69

Mikkel Haaheim: Metaphor Is a Constellation 77

Petra Aczél: Enchanting Bewilderment: Concerns for Visual Rhetoric 85

Gabriella Németh: The Visual Rhetorical Figures of the Giant Billboard “ARC” (Face) Exhibition 99

Anna Szlávi: The Image of Women. A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis of Billboards 113

Ágnes Veszelszki: Image and Self-representation 125

Gábor Bencsik: The Image As a Historical Source  137

Zsuzsanna Kondor: “World Picture” and Beyond – Representation Revisited 147

John Mullarkey: Temple Grandin’s Animal Thoughts: On Non-Human Thinking in Pictures, Films, and Diagrams 155

Dieter Mersch: Aspects of Visual Epistemology: On the “Logic” of the Iconic 169