On the way − digilect and dialogue letters (abstract)
2010. december 07. kedd, 13:10

The author introduces in this paper a new concept: the digilect (the language use in the electronic-digital media), and shows how the digilect influences other language variants, in particular the (almost) spontaneous written texts. Commonplace in the literature of info-communication technology is that the internet communication will have an effect on other communication forms as well: on the face-to-face conversation and the non-digital written language. But until now there has not been any empirical investigation on this topic. The aim of this study is to document the influences of digilect on a particular text type, the dialogue-letter (the private letters of high school students written during school lessons). These hand-written letters show more the characteristics of online chatting, than the characteristics of conventional letter writing. The author describes the specifities of the analyzed dialogue-letters from four main aspects: from a formal, a lexical, a grammatical and a textological-pragmatical point of view.