The effect of digilect on dialogue letters (abstract)
2014. január 14. kedd, 19:13

In this paper, the author introduces a new concept, that of digilect (meaning language use in the electronic-digital media), and shows how digilect affects other language varieties, in particular, in the present context, that of (sponaneous) written texts. It is a commonplace in infocommunications that internet communication will have an effect on other forms of communication: oral-personal conversation and non-digital written communication alike. However, no concrete descriptions or empirical investigations have been forthcoming so far in this respect. The aim of this paper is to document the effect of digilect on non-electronic written communication, via the investigation of a particular text type, students' hand-written notes exchanged during classes, that is, what can be called dialogue letters. Such hand-written personal letters exhibit the characteristics of online chatting rather more extensively than those of traditional letters. The author explores digilect-based properties of hand-written personal notes in four aspects: formal, lexical, grammatical, and textological/pragmatic.



Veszelszki, Ágnes 2013: The effect of digilect on dialogue letters [A digilektus hatása a dialóguslevelekre]. In: Magyar Nyelv 2013/4. 435–447. (in Hungarian)