Visualisation (abstract)
2009. október 09. péntek, 17:09

Visualisation in creative text production exercises [Vizuális megoldások a kreatív szövegalkotási gyakorlatokban.] In: Anyanyelv-pedagógia, 2008/1.

The paper investigates how the use of the computer and of the internet affects text production strategies of students during creative text production exercises. This work is based on the home assignments of the students in their last year at the Bibó István secondary grammar school (Bibó István Gimnázium) in Kiskunhalas. The creative tasks provide an opportunity for the students to experiment with different genres other than school compositions. The study also explains how free writing enriches students with the experience of creating. The analysis of the home assignments also points out the influence that the design of the internet websites had on the works handed in. This is indicated by the use of colours, signalling the content relations with arrows, the layout, the relations between picture and text and the replacement of the text with pictures.